Weight Spreaders & Buffers

Product Information

Weight spreaders are simple product use between layers of stacked products

Weight spreaders are sustainable, simple and cost effective product is used in between stacks of product which disperse weight evenly and stabilize the product in transit.

Weight spreaders have high load bearing capacities which allows multiple level of stacking while securing the load. With high weight performance its ensure damage free product in transit.

Product available in multiple variations and can be designed and developed as required strength and size to fit your application

Features & Benefits

Absorb load pressure

Spread weight across surface

Guard goods from top and bottom

Durable and high load bearing capacity

Allows for more efficient stacking and storage

Tech Specs


Cell Size: 15mm - 24mm

Kraft liner: 250gsm to 300gsm


Length: 800mm to 1200mm

Width: 800mm to 1200mm

Thickness: 25mm to 50mm