Void Fillers

Product Information

Void fillers are lightweight, easy to use and provide excellent protection for in-transit material.

Void fillers are essential for in transit protection, its help secure material in place by filling all voids, void fillers easy to use and avoid damages due to slack action, load shifting and impacts during transit.

Void fillers are made from paper honeycomb, design to provide stability and keeping material secure by placing them in void, vacuum and gaps between goods. Simple in design and easy to install make them most suitable for any means of transportation.

Suitable for protecting all types of goods, consignments, engineering component and packaged items.

The void fillers are available in a range of standard sizes and customized based on requirement.

Features & Benefits

Void fillers help reduce in-transit damage

Designed to be easy to install

It has High compressive strength

Provide even protection along the product length

Ideal for all transportation mode

Tech Specs


Cell Size: 20mm - 32mm

Kraft liner: 250gsm to 300gsm


Length: 100mm - 2500mm

Width: 100mm - 1200mm

Thickness: 10mm to 300mm